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Waterproof 5 Panel

Icon of water drops to resemble waterproof quality of San Poncho rain jackets


Icon of air flowing through fabric to represent breathability of San Poncho rain jackets


Icon of strong chain links to resemble durability of San Poncho rain jackets


Graphic icon of hands doing a high-five

BC Local

giving back

10% for Mental Health

In order to grow as a business we believe it's necessary to give back to causes that are important to us. More than just making the most out of a rainy day, we're contributing 10% of all hat sales towards non-profit organizations in BC that aim to help people deal with anxiety and depression.

Technical rainwear

For The Everyday

No matter if it rains or pours, you shouldn't need to break the bank on expensive outerwear to stay dry. San Poncho rainwear is made for everyone no matter what the activity.

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