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Icon of water drops to resemble waterproof quality of San Poncho rain jackets


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Why Do You Call It A Poncho?

We call it a poncho because of how it performs. It’s function first and foremost is to keep you dry. The design is oversized, lightweight and made to pair incredibly well with all sorts layers, even thick ones like puffy jackets. It's also easily packable, the inside chest pocket reverses into a pouch which can be used as a travel pillow.

The Most Versatile Rain Garment You'll Own

Stylish yet functional, the Legacy Poncho is made to keep you dry in all sorts of activities and conditions. Whether it's walking the dog or running with the hounds, you'll hardly notice the rain at all.

Everyday Outerwear

We set out to combine top quality materials with the versatility and vibe of a poncho. The Legacy Poncho delivers durable and dependable rain protection so you can count on staying comfortable no matter what you're doing.


Contact Us

We're Coco and Chris, the team behind San Poncho. We set out to make quality rainwear more accessible and longer lasting than the alternatives we found on the market. Reach out if you have a question or comment, we'd love to hear from you.