We are Coco and Chris, based in Parksville on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

Our journey started with the belief that you shouldn't need hyper-designed expensive technical gear just to stay dry.

While searching for rainwear ourselves, we found that the best materials were being reserved for the most technical garments which meant they also happened to be the most expensive.

So we thought: "It's just the fabric that keeps you dry, not the 80 piece pattern, multiple pockets, zippers, buckles, whistles and strings etc.."

So together, along with a little help from our friends, we set out to prioritize simplicity and functionality when it came to using top-tier waterproof & breathable fabric. All in hopes that we could design a garment that would keep you just as dry as a technical jacket but have the versatility of an oversized poncho and sell for half the price.

Read our Origin Story from 2020.


As a company producing new products, we acknowledge we have an impact on the environment and strive to minimize it. As we grow, we remain committed to learning and improving our practices in order to minimize harm. In one such instance, we've initiated a transition to working exclusively with PFAS/PFC-Free DWR and should be complete this year. Our poncho was created as an alternative to cheap plastic and rubber suits that quickly wear out. By designing our ponchos with high-quality materials, we aim to provide gear that lasts, reducing waste in the long run. We are not a fashion brand, our ponchos are timeless tools designed to keep you dry for a long time.


We manufacture in Vietnam and our fabric is from Taiwan. Our product is produced in a state-of-the-art facility known for its advanced methods in outerwear construction. Since its establishment in 2012, the factory we use has been a pioneer in environmental and ethical production, earning the trust and confidence of other renowned outdoor apparel brands. The fabric we use is sourced from a leading technical fabric mill in Taiwan, known for producing high-quality outerwear for top brands over several decades. Our fabric meets rigorous environmental standards certified by Bluesign, an independent auditor in Switzerland that ensures textile factories make environmentally responsible decisions from raw materials to finished goods. 


We value your feedback and are available to answer your questions!

Please reach out to us. If we're unable to respond right away we aim to get back to you by the next business day.

Phone: +1 (250) 419-7610

Email: info@sanponcho.com