About Us

At San Poncho, our goal was simple: to create a high-quality poncho using the latest waterproof-breathable fabric technology. Our aim was to offer a functional and affordable rain garment designed for everyday use. By focusing on essential features that keep you dry and omitting unnecessary trimmings, we provide the same level of rain protection found in high-end outerwear, but at a lower cost.

Unlike traditional ponchos made from cheap plastic or rubber compounds, our poncho is different. These inferior materials tear easily, cause overheating, and can make you sweat excessively. We believe that you shouldn't need hyper-designed expensive technical gear just to stay dry.

Manufacturing Process

We are headquartered on Vancouver Island and manufacture in Vietnam. Our product is produced in a state-of-the-art facility known for its advanced methods in outerwear construction. Since its establishment in 2012, the factory we use has been a pioneer in environmental and ethical production, earning the trust and confidence of other renowned outdoor apparel brands. The fabric we use is sourced from a leading technical fabric mill in Taiwan, known for producing high-quality outerwear for top brands over several decades. Our fabric meets rigorous environmental standards certified by Bluesign, an independent auditor in Switzerland that ensures textile factories make environmentally responsible decisions from raw materials to finished goods. 

Environmental Responsibility 

As a company producing products from new materials, we acknowledge our environmental impact and strive to minimize it. As we grow, we remain committed to learning and improving our practices to minimize harm. Our poncho was created as an alternative to cheap plastic and rubber suits that quickly wear out. By designing our ponchos with high-quality materials, we aim to provide gear that lasts, reducing waste in the long run. We are not a fashion brand; our ponchos are tools designed to keep you dry, not trendy items that need constant updating.

Going beyond our warranty, if the day comes that your poncho no longer performs to your expectations, we offer a special program. You can return it to us, and we'll provide you with 20% off a new one no matter how old it is. As part of our commitment to reducing waste, we will repair and donate your old poncho to someone in need. Or in cases where the poncho cannot be repaired, we will strive to ensure responsible recycling of its materials, aiming to give them a new purpose instead of adding to environmental waste.

Contact Us 

We value your feedback and are eager to answer any questions you may have about San Poncho, our products, or our practices. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@sanponcho.com. We look forward to hearing from you!