Our goal was to create a high quality poncho by using the latest in waterproof-breathable fabric technology. We did this in order to provide a function first rain garment that's affordable and designed for the everyday. By limiting costly features and trimmings which don’t contribute to keeping you dry, we provide the same rain protection as most high-end outerwear but for less.
Typically ponchos are made from plastic or rubber compounds. These cheap materials tear easily and make you overheat. Not only are they wasteful, they cause you to be sweat soaked from the inside out. Sometimes you just want to stay dry without needing expensive gear to do it, and that's what San Poncho was made for.

How it's made

San Poncho is owned and operated from Parksville, BC while being manufactured in Hanoi, Vietnam. The factory we sourced to build our product is a modern facility that utilizes the latest methods in outerwear construction. They've been a leader in environmental and ethical production since their founding in 2012 and attracted the trust and confidence of several other well known outdoor apparel brands. The fabric we use is made in Taiwan at one of the worlds leading technical fabric mills that has been producing high-end outerwear for top brands for decades. Our fabric is made according to high environmental standards that are certified by Bluesign. Bluesign is an independent auditor based in Switzerland that ensures textile factories are making good environmental policy decisions all the way from raw materials to finished goods. 

Sustainability and Closing the loop

First and foremost, as a company that's producing products from new materials, it's important to admit that we're a polluter. As our company grows we'll stay committed to learning how to better negate our environmental impact as we aim to produce products that cause minimum harm. Our poncho was initially made as an alternate option to cheap plastic and rubber suits that don’t last more than a few outings. Gear that remains in use and reliable long after you purchase it is one way of minimizing waste; that's why we chose to make ours with high-quality materials. We also don't consider ourselves to be a fashion brand. To us, a poncho is a tool that keeps you dry, not a style or trend that needs to be updated year over year. If or when the day comes that your poncho no longer meets your expectations, return it to us and we'll provide you with 20% off a new one. We'll both repair your old poncho and donate it to someone in need, or if it can't be repaired we'll recycle it, providing an avenue to turn its materials into new products rather than becoming waste. If your poncho no longer meets your expectations within a year of purchase please see our Returns, Repairs or Refund policies.

Reach Out

If you have any questions or comments about San Poncho, our product, or how we do things, we would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact us at